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The prime focus of JRCT is

  • to engage directly with local communities in order to enhance participation and ownership by building understanding and leadership abilities, and link them with state programs and policies for the benefit of the entitled communities and the most vulnerable groups;

  • build knowledge and skills through civic education, gender, health, reproductive, menstrual, sexual health awareness and vocational trainings, as well as scholarships for talented young girls;

  • advocate and campaign for gender just policies and measures to eliminate gender-based violence, as well as serve women and girls who are the survivors of violence.

JRCT employs a Rights-based approach to strengthen Dalit and Scheduled Tribe communities, with emphasis on developing the leadership of young women and men who are aware and committed to building gender just and socially equitable communities and society. We promote sustainable agriculture by local farmers, and mobilize youth and women to engage in community development by building leadership and technical skills.

Jagori works closely with all sorts of community members, from government administrators to “barefoot lawyers” who travel to villages offering their services. Jagori seeks to encourage and strengthen the voice of women and girls, fight domestic violence, and ensure their rights to life and public safety, education and adequate standards of living. Our areas of work include: –

  • gender justice and gender-based violence

  • education, skills training and capacity building

  • health and reproductive rights

  • Sustainable environment and inclusive development.


JRCT outreach activities are built around five key programmatic areas:

  • Aware Women’s Action for Justice (AWAJ);

  • Aware Adolescent Girls Action for Justice (AGAJ)

  • Sustainable Agriculture, Forest and Land (SAFAL)

  • Women’s Health Education, Awareness and Claiming of Health Entitlements

  • Himalayan Daughters Rise for Education (HDR) – a Fellowship for young marginalized girls. The programmes are implemented in partnership with the local community groups.

  • One Billion Rising (OBR)

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