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Field Visits

We go into the field and into villages to educate the villagers about social issues. We start off by giving simple, less radical ideas and slowly increase the ideas them until they are widely accepted. Field visits allow us to touch communities and have an impact on those who do not have time or have not fully accepted the ideas of equality. They provide us a way to communicate with the villagers who are not in the workshops or campaigning at that time.

Participatory and education sessions with the Adolescent Girls Collectives help impart relevant knowledge on health, well-being and sexuality to adolescent girls in order to equip them to fully comprehend the physical, emotional and mental changes that they are undergoing. We conduct regular sessions with SABLA samooh meetings and in schools to provide non- judgmental knowledge and create an environment for them to openly seek information on issues. We have regular demonstration sessions and awareness meetings with the women and men farmers on the different aspects of sustainable organic agriculture practices. These visits help build awareness on Gender, Caste, Class issues it collectives of women, farmers and youth, especially the adolescent girl as specially qualified future citizen  with support from the trained cadres of trainer We also help by conducting Weekly Women’s Courts to provide constant emotional support, counseling, mediation and providing legal support to the survivors of violence. Through these forums, Jagori Rural resolves cases of domestic violence and other forms of violence by keeping women’s welfare and perspective in mind.


We campaign to spread a greater message. Campaigns allow participants and supporters who cannot participate to feel empowered in their issues and their ideas. They show people that have felt ignored and unimportant that they are not alone and garner publicity, allowing our message to spread.  Campaigns can vary in the amount of days and consist of protesting and speech giving.

Workshops and Training

We offer training of women, men and children to teach them about important social matters. These workshops last three days with housing and food. Children and adults from the villages live in Jagori. Our staff give lessons. Professionals on the subject normally come in to assist with a deeper, more educated perspective.

We conduct intensive training of  rural women and girls to equip them as a pool of field experts, trainers and resource persons the region for the benefit of the communities, other NGOs and the state departments.  We also perform training of service providers. These programs help to create opportunities for employment and self-employment for young men and women. We organize residential training and capacity building workshops for adolescent girls on issues of gender justice, violence against girls, knowledge of reproductive and sexual health and simultaneously strengthen their voices and the sense of self worth using participatory methods and exercises.

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